Ajit Pawar’s Wife Files Papers as NCP Great Candidate for Rajya Sabha Polls

By manish198832 Jun13,2024

Ajit Pawar’s Wife Files Papers

Ajit Pawar’s-Mumbai: In a significant political development, Sunetra Pawar, the wife of Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, has filed her nomination papers as a candidate for the Rajya Sabha elections representing the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). This move comes in the wake of the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections where Sunetra Pawar faced a challenging battle in the Baramati constituency but ultimately did not secure a victory. Her sister-in-law, Supriya Sule, successfully won her fourth consecutive term in the same constituency.

Ajit Pawar’s-Political Landscape and Context

Ajit Pawar’s-The decision to field Sunetra Pawar as the NCP candidate for the Rajya Sabha elections was officially announced by state minister and senior NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal. Bhujbal stated, “The NCP has decided to field Sunetra Pawar for Rajya Sabha elections. Even I was keen on contesting the elections, but during a meeting on Wednesday evening, party leaders finalized her name.”

Ajit Pawar’s-This strategic move by the NCP reflects the party’s efforts to consolidate its position in the Rajya Sabha and strengthen its influence at the national level. Sunetra Pawar’s candidature is seen as a significant step in this direction, given her prominent political background and the support she enjoys within the party.

Ajit Pawar's

Ajit Pawar’s-Sunetra Pawar’s Political Journey

Ajit Pawar’s-Sunetra Pawar’s political journey has been marked by both challenges and opportunities. Despite her recent defeat in the Baramati constituency during the Lok Sabha elections, her involvement in politics has been longstanding and substantial. Her candidacy for the Rajya Sabha marks a new chapter in her political career, providing her with a platform to contribute at the national level.

Ajit Pawar’s-The Baramati constituency, traditionally a stronghold for the Pawar family, witnessed a closely contested election. Sunetra Pawar’s sister-in-law, Supriya Sule, managed to retain her seat, demonstrating the enduring influence of the Pawar family in the region. Sunetra’s participation in the Rajya Sabha elections signifies the family’s continued commitment to playing a pivotal role in Maharashtra’s political landscape.

Ajit Pawar’s-The NCP’s Strategic Decision

Ajit Pawar’s-The decision to nominate Sunetra Pawar for the Rajya Sabha elections is part of the NCP’s broader strategy to bolster its representation in the upper house of Parliament. Chhagan Bhujbal, a seasoned politician and senior leader within the NCP, expressed his own interest in contesting the elections. However, the party’s leadership, after careful deliberation, chose Sunetra Pawar as the candidate.

This decision underscores the NCP’s emphasis on leveraging experienced and influential individuals to enhance its standing in the Rajya Sabha. Sunetra Pawar’s political acumen, combined with her family’s legacy, positions her as a formidable candidate who can effectively represent the party’s interests at the national level.

Reactions and Implications

Sunetra Pawar’s nomination has elicited various reactions from political analysts and party members alike. Supporters of the NCP view this move as a strategic maneuver to fortify the party’s presence in the Rajya Sabha and to ensure that experienced leaders are at the forefront of the party’s initiatives.

Political analysts suggest that this nomination could have far-reaching implications for the NCP’s future trajectory. By positioning a member of the Pawar family in the Rajya Sabha, the party aims to consolidate its influence and navigate the complexities of national politics more effectively.


Sunetra Pawar’s filing of nomination papers as an NCP candidate for the Rajya Sabha elections marks a pivotal moment in her political career and underscores the strategic direction of the Nationalist Congress Party. Her candidacy reflects the party’s commitment to strengthening its representation at the national level and leveraging experienced leaders to achieve its objectives. As the political landscape continues to evolve, Sunetra Pawar’s role in the Rajya Sabha will undoubtedly be a key factor in shaping the NCP’s future endeavors.

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