A Deep Dive into the Bail Grant for AAP MP Sanjay Singh: Unraveling the Delhi Liquor Policy Scam

By manish198832 Apr2,2024

A Deep Dive into the Bail

A Deep-In a significant development, the Supreme Court has granted bail to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh after his prolonged incarceration of over six months in connection with the alleged liquor excise policy scam. This decision comes amidst probing questions raised by the apex court directed at the Enforcement Directorate (ED), questioning the basis of Singh’s prolonged detention without trial or substantial recovery of alleged bribe money.

A Deep

A Deep-The ED, the arresting agency in this case, faced scrutiny from the Supreme Court, which questioned the necessity of further custody for Singh, given the absence of recovered evidence or trace of the alleged bribe money amounting to ₹100 crore purportedly received by AAP for granting liquor licenses to the ‘South Group’. Notably, the court observed that Dinesh Arora, one of the accused turned approver, initially did not implicate Singh in his statements.

A Deep-Sanjay Singh’s ordeal began with his arrest in October last year on charges of money laundering related to the alleged liquor excise policy scam. Since then, he has been confined to Delhi’s Tihar Jail, adding to the turmoil within the opposition party. The arrest of prominent figures like Singh, along with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and former Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, came just weeks before a general election, intensifying the political storm.

A Deep-Despite earlier bail pleas being rejected by lower courts, including the Delhi High Court, relief finally came for Singh as the Supreme Court granted him bail during the pendency of the trial. The court emphasized that Singh could participate in political activities but cautioned against commenting on the ongoing ED investigation. This decision holds significance as it allows Singh to engage in AAP’s electoral campaigns, which were facing a potential shortage of prominent leaders.

A Deep-The news of Singh’s release was welcomed by his colleague and Delhi PWD Minister Atishi, reflecting the party’s optimism encapsulated in the phrase “satyameva jayate” (the truth will win). Atishi has been at the forefront of AAP’s defense against the allegations, particularly since Chief Minister Kejriwal’s arrest.

A Deep-The narrative surrounding Singh’s release is intertwined with broader political dynamics, as Atishi alleged that four other senior AAP leaders, including herself, were targeted for arrest by central agencies if they didn’t align with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Such accusations have been a recurrent theme, with the opposition frequently accusing the BJP of weaponizing central agencies for political gains, especially ahead of elections.

The alleged Delhi liquor policy scam, at the heart of Singh’s ordeal, revolves around the Enforcement Directorate’s belief that the now-defunct policy facilitated exorbitant profit margins for retailers and wholesalers, with a significant portion allegedly siphoned off as bribes to fund AAP’s election campaigns. Chief Minister Kejriwal has been implicated as the “kingpin” of this scam by the ED, leading to his arrest and subsequent detention in Tihar Jail.

In conclusion, the bail grant to AAP MP Sanjay Singh marks a significant development in the ongoing saga of the alleged liquor excise policy scam. While it offers temporary respite to Singh, the broader implications of the case underscore the intricate interplay between law, politics, and allegations of corruption, shaping the landscape of Indian governance and electoral dynamics.

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