BJP Emerges Victorious in Chandigarh Mayor Elections, Marking a Pivotal Battle Against the INDIA Bloc

By manish198832 Jan30,2024

BJP Emerges Victorious in Chandigarh Mayor Elections


In a significant electoral showdown, the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) clinched victory in the Chandigarh mayoral elections, marking the first political clash between the newly formed Opposition coalition and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The electoral battleground witnessed BJP’s Manoj Sonkar securing the mayoral seat, triumphing over the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Kuldeep Kumar. This election, marred by controversies and protests, showcased the intensifying political landscape in the aftermath of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s sensational switch to the NDA.


Election Dynamics

The electoral contest unfolded with Mr. Sonkar securing 16 votes, while Mr. Kumar managed to garner 12 votes. The outcome, however, was not devoid of drama, as eight votes were deemed invalid, triggering protests from AAP and Congress councillors. Despite the challenges, the BJP, with 14 councillors, managed to outpace AAP, which had 13 councillors, and the Congress with seven.

As the results reverberated through the political landscape, AAP convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal levied accusations of “cheating” against the BJP, expressing dissatisfaction with the electoral process. Kejriwal’s concerns extended beyond the mayoral elections, warning of potential ramifications in national elections. His statement, posted on X, underscored the gravity of the situation: “If these people can stoop to this level in a mayoral poll, they can go to any extent in the national elections. This is very worrying.”

Strategic Alliances

The AAP-Congress alliance strategically nominated candidates for various positions, reflecting a concerted effort to maximize their influence in the municipal governance structure. Kuldeep Kumar, representing AAP, contested for the mayoral post, while the Congress fielded candidates for the positions of senior deputy mayor and deputy mayor.

The senior deputy mayor position witnessed a head-to-head clash between Kuljeet Sandhu of the BJP and Congress’s Gurpreet Singh Gabi. This strategic allocation of candidates by the Opposition coalition highlighted a keen understanding of the electoral dynamics and the importance of securing key positions in the municipal administration.

Controversies and Protests

The invalidation of eight votes sparked protests from the AAP and Congress camps, challenging the integrity of the electoral process. Allegations of foul play and malpractices were hurled, further intensifying the post-election narrative. The opposition’s discontent with the outcome, coupled with Kejriwal’s accusations, added fuel to the already contentious political scenario.

The BJP, on the other hand, defended the validity of the election, emphasizing the transparent and fair conduct of the process. Party spokespersons reiterated the significance of upholding democratic values and urged the opposition to respect the mandate of the people. The aftermath of the election revealed a deeply divided political landscape, with both sides standing firm on their respective positions.

National Implications

The Chandigarh mayoral elections, being the first major electoral battle between the newly formed Opposition coalition and the NDA, holds substantial implications for national politics. Nitish Kumar’s switch to the NDA had already reshaped the political landscape, and the outcome in Chandigarh adds another layer of complexity to the evolving narrative. Arvind Kejriwal’s warning about the potential impact on national elections underscores the high-stakes nature of this municipal contest.

The BJP’s triumph in Chandigarh serves as a morale booster for the NDA, affirming its strength and resilience against the unified Opposition. The Opposition, on the other hand, may see this as a setback but could use the experience to recalibrate its strategy for future electoral battles. The interplay between regional and national politics is becoming increasingly intricate, with each electoral outcome influencing the broader political dynamics.


The victory of Manoj Sonkar in the Chandigarh mayoral elections marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing political saga in India. The electoral contest, framed by the BJP’s triumph against the AAP-Congress alliance, reflects the evolving dynamics of regional and national politics. The controversies, protests, and accusations surrounding the election underscore the intensity of the political climate, setting the stage for further confrontations between the NDA and the Opposition.

As the nation watches the aftermath of the Chandigarh mayoral elections, it becomes evident that the political landscape is in a state of flux. The ramifications of this contest extend beyond the boundaries of Chandigarh, reaching into the heart of national politics. With each electoral battle, the narrative of Indian politics continues to unfold, presenting challenges and opportunities for all political stakeholders.

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