BJP’s Stance on Controversial Remarks: The Case of Anantkumar Hegde

By manish198832 Mar25,2024

BJP’s Stance on Controversial Remarks

In a recent development in Indian politics, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made a decisive move by denying a ticket to Anantkumar Hegde, a six-time Member of Parliament (MP) from Karnataka. This decision came in the wake of Hegde’s contentious remarks regarding the BJP’s electoral ambitions and the Constitution, which had ignited a significant controversy. The incident underscores the party’s stance on maintaining discipline within its ranks and sends a clear message that leaders making impromptu statements contrary to the party’s stance may face consequences.


Anantkumar Hegde, a prominent BJP figure and a veteran politician, has represented the Uttara Kannada Lok Sabha constituency for six consecutive terms over the past 28 years, securing four successive victories. However, Hegde has a history of making controversial speeches, and his recent comments stirred up a political storm. He attracted widespread attention when he suggested that the BJP’s target of winning 400 Lok Sabha seats was aimed at instigating changes in the Constitution.

During a public address, Hegde accused the Congress of distorting the Constitution to suppress Hindus and advocated for its revision. He claimed that certain laws introduced by the Congress were designed to oppress Hindu society, necessitating a reevaluation of the Constitution. Hegde emphasized the need for a two-thirds majority in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, as well as in various state assemblies, to effectuate such amendments.

The BJP swiftly distanced itself from Hegde’s remarks, clarifying that they represented his personal views rather than the party’s official stance. However, the repercussions for Hegde were apparent, with indications that he would not be receiving a party ticket for the upcoming elections. Despite his efforts to lobby for his candidacy, the decision had already been made against him.

Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, a seasoned politician and a six-time Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) who has previously served as the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly and held ministerial positions, emerged as Hegde’s replacement in the BJP stronghold.

The BJP’s decision to replace Hegde reflects a broader pattern evident in its candidate selection process. The party appears to have adopted a stringent policy against leaders known for making hate speeches or controversial statements. Prior to Hegde, other prominent figures such as Pragya Singh Thakur, Ramesh Bidhuri, and Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, despite being incumbent MPs, were denied party tickets due to similar reasons.

A senior party official highlighted the significance of maintaining decorum in public life and underscored the BJP’s commitment to discipline within its ranks. While acknowledging the importance of electoral viability, the party also prioritizes the conduct of its candidates, particularly concerning statements that could potentially embarrass the leadership. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has previously cautioned party members against making controversial remarks, emphasizing the need for restraint and responsibility in public discourse.

In summary, the BJP’s decision to replace Anantkumar Hegde with Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri underscores the party’s stance on maintaining discipline and decorum among its ranks. Hegde’s controversial remarks regarding the Constitution and the BJP’s electoral ambitions evidently contradicted the party’s principles, leading to his exclusion from the list of candidates. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible conduct and adherence to party guidelines in the realm of Indian politics.

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