Dissecting the Viral Instagram Post: Great Hardik Pandya’s Alleged BJP Affiliation Debunked

By manish198832 Apr11,2024

Dissecting the Viral Instagram Post

Dissecting-In recent days, social media platforms have been abuzz with speculation surrounding Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya’s alleged foray into politics, specifically his purported joining of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The catalyst for this frenzy? An Instagram post featuring Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Pandya sharing a platform, accompanied by claims of the cricketer’s political allegiance. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the viral video and its associated assertions are based on misconstrued snippets of a different event altogether.


Dissecting-The genesis of this narrative lies in an Instagram user’s post on February 20, which garnered over a million views. The video purportedly showed Amit Shah publicly announcing Pandya’s affiliation with the BJP during a shared appearance. The text overlay on the video further solidified the claim, asserting Pandya’s formal induction into the ruling political party. However, a meticulous investigation by the PTI Fact Check Desk unearthed a starkly different truth.

Dissecting-Delving into the origins of the video, the Fact Check Desk utilized digital forensics tools to trace its source. Through an analysis of keyframes and reverse image searches, they stumbled upon a photo gallery by The Free Press Journal dated February 13, 2024, documenting the inauguration of the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Premier League. The gallery included snapshots of Amit Shah alongside Hardik Pandya, with a caption clearly indicating the context of the event. It became evident that the video in question was extracted from this cricket tournament inauguration, taken completely out of context.

Dissecting-Further sleuthing led the Fact Check Desk to a video shared by the official handle of the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) Gujarat, dated February 12, 2024. This footage corroborated the true nature of the event, confirming it as the inauguration of the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Premier League, without any mention of Pandya’s political affiliations. The clipped segments from the viral video were juxtaposed with the original footage, showcasing the deliberate manipulation perpetrated to propagate false information.

Dissecting-During his address at the event, Amit Shah articulated the government’s commitment to fostering a culture of sports and healthy living through initiatives like the MP Sports Competition and the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Premier League. His words underscored the event’s objective, which had no bearing on Pandya’s political inclinations.

Dissecting-In light of these findings, the Fact Check Desk unequivocally debunked the claim of Hardik Pandya joining the BJP as nothing more than a baseless rumor propagated through selective editing and misinformation. The conclusion drawn was crystal clear: the viral video was a disingenuous attempt to fabricate a political narrative where none existed.

In essence, the episode serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the perils of misinformation in the digital age. The rapid dissemination of unverified claims, fueled by confirmation bias and sensationalism, underscores the importance of fact-checking and critical thinking in navigating today’s media landscape. As consumers of information, it behooves us to exercise discernment and skepticism, lest we fall prey to the machinations of those intent on manipulating public discourse for their own ends.

In the final analysis, the truth prevailed, thanks to the diligence of fact-checkers committed to upholding journalistic integrity. Hardik Pandya remains a cricketer, not a politician, and the specter of his alleged BJP affiliation has been laid to rest, at least for now. Yet, the episode serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against misinformation, a battle that requires vigilance, diligence, and an unwavering commitment to the truth.

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