Elaborating the Intricacies of a Year-and-a-Half-Long Scam: A Sham Toll Plaza on Gujarat’s Bamanbore-Kutch National Highway

By manish198832 Dec8,2023

Elaborating the Intricacies of a Year-and-a-Half-Long Scam

Elaborating the Intricacies-Introduction

Elaborating the Intricacies-In a startling revelation on the Bamanbore-Kutch national highway in Gujarat, a group of audacious individuals managed to deceive government officials for an astonishing period of one and a half years. Their cunning scheme involved the establishment of a fraudulent toll plaza on private land in Morbi, Gujarat, strategically bypassing the actual national highway. This deceptive toll booth not only duped unsuspecting travelers but also outwitted the police and high-ranking government officers in the district.

Elaborating the Intricacies-The Sham Toll Plaza and its Modus Operandi

Elaborating the Intricacies

Elaborating the Intricacies-Situated on private land in Gujarat’s Morbi, the counterfeit toll plaza operated by exploiting a bypass around the national highway. Charging a mere half of the legitimate toll fee, the perpetrators managed to siphon significant sums of money from commuters while evading the authorities’ scrutiny for an extended period. The toll plaza in question was purportedly set up on the property of the White House Ceramic Company, a defunct factory, and the Varghasia village.

Elaborating the Intricacies-According to the manager of the legitimate Vaghasia toll plaza, authorized for the national highway, the fraudulent toll collection operation was brazenly extorting thousands of rupees on a daily basis over the course of 1.5 years. The accused achieved this by diverting traffic away from the official route, guiding vehicles through the land owned by the White House Ceramic Company and the Varghasia village.

The Toll Collection Scheme Unveiled

Elaborating the Intricacies-Truck drivers, enticed by the prospect of paying only half the toll tax, were lured into taking the illicit route. The perpetrators exploited this diversion, ensuring their illegal tax collection activities remained unnoticed for an extended duration. The toll booth managers at the legitimate plaza were oblivious to the parallel toll collection scheme taking place on private land.

Elaborating the Intricacies-Upon receiving information about the diversion of vehicles from the designated route of the Varghasia toll plaza and the unauthorized toll tax collection, the police and other officials swiftly initiated an investigation. Morbi district Collector GT Pandya acknowledged the severity of the issue, stating, “We received information that some vehicles were being diverted from the actual route of the Varghasia toll plaza, and toll tax was being collected. Legal Proceedings and Culprits Identified

Following the investigation, the police registered a formal complaint against the alleged perpetrators involved in this elaborate toll plaza scam. The accused individuals included Amarshi Patel, the owner of White House Ceramic Company, along with Vanraj Singh Jhala, Harvijay Singh Jhala, Dharmendra Singh Jhala, Yuvraj Singh Jhala, and several unidentified collaborators.

Elaborating the Intricacies-The strongmen operating in the area were reported to have forcefully extorted money from unsuspecting truck drivers, compelling them to pay the illegitimate “toll plaza” fees. The intricate network of this fraudulent operation was gradually unraveling, shedding light on the depth of the deception and the audacity with which it had been executed for an extended period.


The discovery of a fake toll plaza operating on the Bamanbore-Kutch national highway in Gujarat unveils a tale of cunning manipulation and deception. For a staggering one and a half years, a group of individuals managed to outsmart government officials, law enforcement, and legitimate toll plaza authorities. The toll booth, strategically positioned on private land, not only extracted money from unsuspecting travelers but also operated with impunity, evading detection and legal consequences.

This incident underscores the need for enhanced vigilance and oversight in infrastructure management to prevent similar scams from occurring in the future. The authorities must strengthen their mechanisms for detecting and preventing such fraudulent activities, ensuring the seamless functioning of legitimate toll plazas and maintaining the integrity of national highways. The legal proceedings against the identified culprits will serve as a deterrent and send a clear message that such deceptive practices will not be tolerated.

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