“Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: A Call for Devotees to Celebrate ‘Anand Mahotsav’ Locally”

By manish198832 Dec16,2023

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: A Call for Devotees to Celebrate

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir-Introduction:

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir-The highly anticipated inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is just around the corner, slated for January 22. As the sacred town undergoes significant infrastructural enhancements in preparation for the grand event, expectations are high for the influx of lakhs of pilgrims who will witness the idol of Lord Ram being consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum. In an exclusive conversation with NDTV, Champat Rai, the Secretary of the Ram Mandir Trust, shared insights into the progress of the construction and urged devotees to celebrate ‘Anand Mahotsav’ locally, avoiding a mass pilgrimage to Ayodhya on the auspicious day.

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir-The Ceremony Details:

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir-Scheduled to take place at 12 noon on January 22, the inauguration ceremony marks a pivotal moment in the completion of the Ram Mandir. Champat Rai revealed that while the sanctum sanctorum and the idol are ready, the overall construction of the entire temple might extend for another two years. He emphasized, “A lot of work (on the temple) still remains. Construction could go on for another two years.”

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir-Plea to Devotees:

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir-Despite the widespread excitement and preparations for the event, Mr. Rai had a different message for the devotees. In an earnest plea, he urged people from various states to celebrate ‘Anand Mahotsav’ at their nearest temples instead of making the journey to Ayodhya. This appeal aims to prevent overcrowding in the sacred town and ensure a more manageable and safe environment for all participants.

Grand Unveiling of Ram Mandir-Mr. Rai’s message to devotees was clear: “Don’t come to Ayodhya on January 22. Assemble at the temple nearest to you, irrespective of whether it’s small or big. Go to the temple which is feasible for you, even if it belongs to a different god or goddess.” This call aligns with the broader vision of fostering unity and collective celebration among devotees across the country.

Prime Minister’s Attendance:

Adding to the significance of the event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend the inauguration ceremony. His presence will undoubtedly amplify the importance of the Ram Mandir’s completion and further solidify its cultural and religious significance.

Pran-Pratishtha Rituals:

Leading up to the main ceremony, Vedic rituals for the Pran-Pratishtha ceremony are set to commence on January 16, a week before the grand inauguration. These sacred rituals will be conducted by Lakshmi Kant Dixit, adding a spiritual dimension to the proceedings and invoking divine blessings for the auspicious event.

Infrastructure Preparations:

In anticipation of the massive congregation expected on January 22, Ayodhya is witnessing the creation of several tent cities to accommodate the thousands of devotees who will converge on the temple town. Local authorities are working diligently to implement enhanced security measures and make logistical arrangements to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees.


The imminent inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a momentous occasion that holds deep cultural and religious significance for millions of devotees across the nation. As preparations reach their peak, Champat Rai’s appeal for devotees to celebrate ‘Anand Mahotsav’ locally reflects a thoughtful consideration for the safety and convenience of all participants. The call to assemble at the nearest temple, regardless of its size or the deity it represents, underscores the unity and inclusivity that the completion of the Ram Mandir symbolizes for the people of India. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence and the commencement of sacred rituals, January 22 promises to be a day of immense spiritual significance and national unity.

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