Grisly Murder in Manali: Haryana Man Allegedly Kills Woman, Attempts to Flee with Body in Bag

By manish198832 May17,2024

Grisly Murder in Manali

Grisly-In a shocking turn of events, the picturesque town of Manali was rocked by a gruesome crime. A man from Haryana allegedly murdered a woman and attempted to flee with her body stuffed in a bag. The horrifying discovery was made when the man abandoned the bag in a taxi.

Grisly-The Crime Unfolds

Grisly-On May 13, a man identified as Vinod, hailing from Haryana, checked into a hotel located on Gompa Road, Manali. He was accompanied by a woman named Sheetal, who was a resident of Madhya Pradesh. The couple had booked a room for two days, as confirmed by the police.

Grisly-During their stay, nothing seemed amiss to the hotel staff. However, on the day of their departure, events took a sinister turn. Vinod checked out alone, raising the suspicion of the hotel employees. Sheetal was nowhere to be seen, and Vinod was carrying an unusually heavy bag. Despite the oddity, Vinod managed to leave the premises without immediate incident.


Grisly-The Grim Discovery

Grisly-After checking out, Vinod hired a taxi to take him to the bus stand. It was during this journey that the horror came to light. Vinod, for reasons still unclear, abandoned the bag in the taxi and fled. The taxi driver, unaware of the contents initially, noticed the abandoned bag and, due to its suspicious nature, alerted the authorities.

Grisly-Upon inspection, the police discovered Sheetal’s lifeless body inside the bag. The discovery of the body led to an immediate manhunt for Vinod, who had already vanished from the scene.

Grisly-The Investigation Begins

Grisly-The police swiftly began their investigation into the murder. Initial findings pointed towards premeditated intent, given the manner in which the body was concealed and the suspect’s subsequent flight. The hotel’s CCTV footage and guest records were thoroughly reviewed, providing crucial leads.

Grisly-The authorities also questioned the hotel staff, who recounted their interactions with Vinod and Sheetal. They recalled that nothing seemed out of the ordinary during the couple’s stay, making the sudden disappearance of Sheetal and the discovery of her body all the more shocking.

Motive and Background

As the investigation delved deeper, questions about the motive behind the crime began to surface. Details about the relationship between Vinod and Sheetal were sparse. It was unclear whether they were acquaintances, friends, or had a romantic involvement. The police began piecing together their backgrounds to understand the dynamics between the two.

Vinod’s background was scrutinized to uncover any previous criminal records or behavioral patterns that might shed light on his actions. Similarly, Sheetal’s life was examined to determine if there were any known threats or reasons for her untimely death.

The Hunt for Vinod

With Vinod on the run, the police launched a widespread manhunt. Alerts were sent out across neighboring regions, and his description was circulated to ensure he could be apprehended quickly. Border checkpoints were put on high alert to prevent any attempt by Vinod to leave the state or country.

The authorities also appealed to the public for any information that could lead to Vinod’s capture. They emphasized the need for vigilance and the importance of coming forward with any relevant details.

Public Reaction

The murder sent shockwaves through Manali, a town known for its serene beauty and as a popular tourist destination. The brutality of the crime and the manner in which it was carried out left the local community and visitors alike in a state of disbelief and fear.

Local residents expressed their horror and sadness over the incident. Many were concerned about the safety implications for both residents and tourists. The crime also sparked a discussion about the need for enhanced security measures in hotels and public places to prevent such tragedies.

The Broader Impact

Beyond the immediate locality, the crime resonated across the country, drawing attention to issues of safety and security in travel destinations. The hospitality industry faced scrutiny regarding their protocols for guest safety and emergency responses.

Travel advisories were reviewed, and hotel owners were urged to implement stricter check-in procedures and enhance surveillance measures to ensure the safety of their guests. The incident also underscored the importance of prompt action and coordination between hotel staff and law enforcement in handling suspicious activities.

Legal Proceedings

Once Vinod is apprehended, he will face charges of murder and the unlawful disposal of a body. The legal proceedings will aim to uncover the full extent of his actions and the motive behind the crime. The case will likely draw significant public and media attention, given the gruesome nature of the crime and the ensuing manhunt.

The prosecution will rely heavily on forensic evidence, witness testimonies, and the details gathered from the hotel’s records and CCTV footage. Vinod’s defense, if any, will also be closely scrutinized to understand if there are any mitigating circumstances or psychological factors at play.


The tragic murder of Sheetal and the subsequent flight of Vinod have left an indelible mark on Manali and the broader community. As the investigation continues and the search for Vinod intensifies, there is a collective hope for justice for Sheetal and her family.

This incident serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers that can lurk behind seemingly ordinary circumstances. It also highlights the crucial role of vigilance and prompt action in preventing and responding to crimes. The case continues to unfold, with the authorities committed to ensuring that justice is served and that such a tragedy does not repeat itself.

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