Indian Student Disappears in US, Family in Great Hyderabad Receives Ransom Demand: A Tale of Fear and Desperation

By manish198832 Mar 20, 2024

Indian Student Disappears in US

Hyderabad: The heart-wrenching ordeal of Abdul Mohammed, a 25-year-old Indian student pursuing a master’s degree in Information Technology at Cleveland University, Ohio, has sent shockwaves through his family in Hyderabad. Abdul, who left for the United States last May, has been missing since March 7, leaving his family in distress and uncertainty.


The situation took a terrifying turn when Abdul’s father, Mohammed Saleem, received a chilling ransom call from an unknown number. The caller, claiming to have abducted Abdul, demanded $1200 for his release. Adding to the horror, the caller threatened to sell Abdul’s kidney to the mafia if the ransom was not paid promptly.

Abdul’s family, reeling from shock and fear, immediately reached out to his relatives in the US. Together, they filed a missing complaint with the Cleveland police, hoping for any lead that could help locate Abdul and bring him back safely. The police, in their watch order, described Abdul as a 25-year-old man wearing a white T-shirt, red jacket, and blue jeans at the time of his disappearance.

In a desperate bid for assistance, Abdul’s family also sought the help of the Indian Council in Chicago, hoping that diplomatic channels could aid in the search for their missing son. The anguish and uncertainty surrounding Abdul’s disappearance have cast a dark shadow over his family, who can only hope and pray for his safe return.

Tragically, Abdul’s case is not an isolated incident. It comes amidst a series of distressing events involving Indian students in the US. Just a week before Abdul went missing, the news of another Indian student’s death sent shockwaves through the community. Abhijeeth Paruchuru, a 20-year-old engineering student in Boston, was found dead in a car in a forest. While initial investigations suggested no foul play, the circumstances surrounding Abhijeeth’s death only added to the growing concerns about the safety and well-being of Indian students studying abroad.

The string of incidents has left the Indian community in the US and abroad grappling with fear and uncertainty. The dreams and aspirations that drive countless Indian students to pursue education and opportunities overseas are now overshadowed by the grim reality of the risks they face.

For Abdul’s family, every passing moment brings with it a renewed sense of anxiety and despair. The ransom demand has plunged them into a nightmare they never imagined they would have to endure. Their only solace lies in the hope that Abdul will be found safe and sound, and that justice will be served for those responsible for his disappearance.

As the search for Abdul continues, his family clings to the memories of happier times, praying for his safe return and vowing to never lose hope. In the face of adversity, they draw strength from the support of their community and the unwavering determination to bring Abdul back home, where he belongs.

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