India’s Historic Victory: Shortest Completed Test Match Ever Against South Africa

By manish198832 Jan10,2024

India’s Historic Victory: Shortest Completed Test Match Ever

India’s Historic Victory-Introduction

India’s Historic Victory-For those unfamiliar with the nuances of Test cricket, the prospect of a five-day match that might culminate in a draw can be perplexing. However, India defied conventional expectations and rewrote the cricketing history books on a memorable Thursday, clinching a historic seven-wicket victory against South Africa in the shortest completed Test match ever. This extraordinary feat unfolded at the iconic Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town, South Africa, requiring less than two days to witness a decisive outcome.

India's Historic Victory

India’s Historic Victory-Record-Breaking Encounter

India’s Historic Victory-The match etched its name in the annals of Test cricket as the shortest decided game in terms of overs bowled. A mere 107 overs were bowled across the four innings, breaking records and leaving cricket enthusiasts astounded by the brevity of the contest. This groundbreaking achievement has now surpassed the record set in 1932 during a game between Australia and South Africa, according to ESPNCricinfo stats.

India’s Historic Victory-Dramatic Day One

India’s Historic Victory-The first day of action at Newlands Cricket Ground was nothing short of spectacular. A total of 23 wickets fell as South Africa crumbled for a mere 55 runs, only to be followed by India’s unexpected collapse for 153 runs. In a stunning turn of events, India lost its final six wickets without adding a single run to the scoreboard. South Africa, granted a second chance at the crease, concluded the day at 62-3, setting the stage for an unpredictable day two.

Aiden Markram’s Valiant Effort

Day two witnessed a continuation of the gripping saga, with Aiden Markram’s heroic effort standing out amidst the fall of wickets. Markram showcased his batting prowess by scoring a remarkable 106 from just 103 balls, a lone beacon of resistance in the face of India’s bowling onslaught. Despite his exceptional performance, the Proteas struggled, with the team’s next highest score amounting to a mere 12 runs. South Africa eventually posted a total of 176 runs, leaving India with a modest 79-run target to secure victory.

India’s Swift Chase

With a modest target in sight, India wasted no time in completing the chase. The touring side efficiently chased down the required runs in just 12 overs, finishing at 80-3 and leveling the series 1-1. This swift and decisive victory not only showcased India’s dominance but also shattered the previous record for the shortest completed Test match, set in 1932.

Comparison with the 1932 Record

The 1932 Test match between Australia and South Africa, which had held the record for the shortest Test match in terms of overs bowled, has now been overshadowed by this remarkable encounter. The speed and intensity of the game at Newlands Cricket Ground have rewritten the record books, leaving cricket enthusiasts in awe of India’s prowess and the unpredictability that Test cricket can offer.

Significance of the Achievement

India’s triumph in the shortest completed Test match is more than just a statistical milestone. It reflects the ever-evolving dynamics of cricket and the unpredictable nature of the sport. The brevity of this encounter serves as a testament to the fine margins that separate victory from defeat in Test cricket, challenging traditional perceptions of the game as a slow and drawn-out affair.

Impact on the Series

Beyond the historical significance, India’s victory in the second Test has leveled the series at 1-1, injecting a renewed sense of excitement and competitiveness. The unexpected twists and turns in this brief yet intense encounter have set the stage for a thrilling remainder of the series, with both teams eager to assert their dominance in the subsequent matches.


India’s historic victory against South Africa in the shortest completed Test match ever is a testament to the unpredictable and captivating nature of cricket. The brevity of the contest, the records shattered, and the individual brilliance displayed by players like Aiden Markram have left an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape. As the series moves forward, the cricketing world eagerly anticipates more thrilling encounters, knowing that the dynamics of Test cricket can change in the blink of an eye.

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