PM Modi, Chirag Paswan Share A Candid Moment At Great NDA Meeting

By manish198832 Jun7,2024

PM Modi, Chirag Paswan Share

PM-In an atmosphere charged with political strategy and alliance-building, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) parliamentary party meeting held in New Delhi witnessed a heartwarming and notable exchange between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) (Ram Vilas) chief Chirag Paswan. This interaction has become a focal point of discussions, underscoring the camaraderie and mutual respect between leaders of the ruling coalition.

PM-Chirag Paswan, who leads the faction of the LJP named after his late father, Ram Vilas Paswan, attended the meeting as an NDA partner. The meeting was one of many aimed at consolidating support and discussing strategies for upcoming elections, both at the state and national levels. Paswan’s presence was significant given the political dynamics and his party’s influence in Bihar, a state crucial to the NDA’s electoral prospects.


PM-During the course of the meeting, Chirag Paswan formally reiterated his support for Prime Minister Modi, an endorsement that holds weight in the current political landscape. This gesture of support was not merely a routine political affirmation but carried symbolic importance, reflecting the deepening bonds within the alliance.

PM-After publicly declaring his support for PM Modi, Chirag Paswan approached the Prime Minister. In a moment that was both candid and emblematic of their alliance, Paswan shook hands with PM Modi and then, in a gesture of warmth and respect, hugged him. Prime Minister Modi responded with a gesture that caught the attention of many present at the meeting and later, the media—a gentle pat on Chirag Paswan’s head. This simple yet profound act encapsulated a mentor-mentee relationship, a blend of political alliance and personal rapport.

PM-Background of the Leaders and Their Alliance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a dominant figure in Indian politics, has been at the helm of the NDA since 2014. His leadership style, characterized by decisive governance and a vision for a ‘New India,’ has earned him both ardent supporters and vocal critics. Modi’s ability to connect with diverse sections of the Indian populace has been a cornerstone of his political strategy, making moments like these significant in the broader narrative of his leadership.

Chirag Paswan

Chirag Paswan, the young and dynamic leader of the LJP (Ram Vilas), stepped into the political limelight following the demise of his father, Ram Vilas Paswan, a veteran politician and a key ally of the NDA. Ram Vilas Paswan’s legacy is one of strong advocacy for the Dalits and marginalized communities, coupled with a pragmatic approach to alliance politics. Chirag, inheriting this legacy, has sought to position himself as a progressive leader while maintaining the party’s foundational ethos.

The Importance of the Candid Moment

The candid moment between PM Modi and Chirag Paswan is more than just a display of personal rapport; it is a strategic reaffirmation of alliance solidarity. In the highly competitive and often fractious world of Indian politics, such gestures serve to reassure party cadres and voters of the unity and mutual respect within the coalition. For Chirag Paswan, it is an endorsement from the top leadership of the NDA, boosting his political standing and reinforcing his role within the alliance.

Political Implications

Strengthening the NDA

The NDA, a coalition of several regional and national parties, relies on the cohesion and collective strength of its members. Moments of public camaraderie between leaders, especially involving the Prime Minister, serve to reinforce the narrative of a united front. This unity is crucial for presenting a formidable challenge to the opposition, particularly in states like Bihar where regional dynamics play a significant role.

Electoral Strategy

Bihar, a state with a complex socio-political fabric, is pivotal for the NDA’s electoral calculations. The LJP (Ram Vilas), under Chirag Paswan, has a significant influence among Dalit voters. By showcasing a strong relationship with PM Modi, Chirag Paswan can galvanize his voter base and potentially attract undecided voters who view the alliance favorably.

Symbolic Value

In politics, symbols and gestures often carry as much weight as policy decisions. The hug and the pat on the head are rich with symbolic meaning, portraying a narrative of care, guidance, and mutual respect. For the public, such images reinforce the idea of a cohesive and harmonious leadership, countering narratives of discord and division.

Historical Context

Legacy of Ram Vilas Paswan

Ram Vilas Paswan was a stalwart in Indian politics, known for his unwavering commitment to social justice and his ability to navigate the complexities of coalition politics. His decision to align with the NDA was seen as a pragmatic move to ensure that his agenda for social justice had a platform at the national level. Chirag Paswan, inheriting this mantle, has had the challenging task of balancing legacy with the need for contemporary relevance.

Evolution of the NDA

The NDA has evolved significantly since its inception, with PM Modi’s leadership bringing a more centralized and personality-driven approach. However, the coalition’s strength lies in its ability to incorporate diverse regional interests, represented by leaders like Chirag Paswan. The public display of camaraderie is a reminder of this inclusive approach, essential for the coalition’s longevity and success.

Media and Public Perception

The media coverage of the candid moment between PM Modi and Chirag Paswan has been extensive, with various interpretations and analyses. Some view it as a strategic move to solidify the NDA’s base in Bihar, while others see it as a genuine expression of mutual respect. The visual impact of the handshake, hug, and pat on the head has resonated widely, becoming a talking point in political circles and among the public.


The candid moment shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chirag Paswan at the NDA parliamentary party meeting is a significant event in the current political scenario. It underscores the importance of personal rapport in political alliances and the strategic value of such gestures in reinforcing alliance solidarity. For Chirag Paswan, it is a moment of validation and support from the highest echelons of the NDA, enhancing his political stature. For PM Modi, it is a reaffirmation of his inclusive leadership style, capable of uniting diverse elements within the coalition.

In the grand tapestry of Indian politics, such moments contribute to the broader narrative of leadership, alliance dynamics, and electoral strategy. As the NDA gears up for future electoral battles, the visual and symbolic impact of this candid exchange will likely resonate, influencing perceptions and potentially electoral outcomes.

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