Powering Vulnerable Tribes: Government Allocates Rs 540 Crore for Pucca Houses Under PM-JANMAN Scheme

By manish198832 Jan 15, 2024

Powering Vulnerable Tribes: Government Allocates Rs 540 Crore for Pucca Houses

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-Introduction:

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-In a significant move towards inclusive development and tribal welfare, the government is set to release the first instalment of Rs 540 crore for the construction of pucca houses. This initiative is specifically targeted at benefiting one lakh individuals from Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). Timed strategically ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the disbursement will occur on Monday, with the funds directly credited to the Jan Dhan accounts of the beneficiaries.

Powering Vulnerable Tribes

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-Virtual Interaction with PM Narendra Modi:

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-As part of the Pradhan Mantri Janjati Adivasi Nyaya Maha Abhiyan (PM-JANMAN), Prime Minister Narendra Modi will engage in a virtual interaction with the recipients. Launched in November 2023, PM-JANMAN is a flagship central scheme designed for the socio-economic welfare of PVTGs spanning 18 states and Union Territories.

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-Distribution in 100 Districts:

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-Simultaneously, officials from both the central and state governments will facilitate the distribution of benefits under the package in 100 districts. The focus will be on reaching gram panchayats and village chiefs, ensuring a grassroots impact. The announcement was made through a statement issued by the Tribal Affairs Ministry, underscoring the government’s commitment to tribal upliftment.

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-Progress of PM-JANMAN Scheme:

Since its launch on November 15, the PM-JANMAN scheme has gained momentum, with projects worth over Rs 4,700 crore already sanctioned by nine ministries. Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda shared this information, highlighting the swift execution of the scheme’s objectives.

Powering Vulnerable Tribes-Objective and Budget of PM-JANMAN:

PM-JANMAN, with a substantial budget of Rs 24,104 crore, centers around 11 critical interventions. The primary goal is to saturate PVTG households and habitations with essential facilities. These include safe housing, clean drinking water, sanitation, improved access to education, health and nutrition, electricity, road and telecom connectivity, and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Ministerial Insights:

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda, who will participate in the event from Bishnupur in Jharkhand’s Gumla district, emphasized the need to connect with every household. Over 7,000 camps were organized in PVTG habitations across all 188 districts. These camps aimed to facilitate the acquisition of Aadhaar cards, Jan Dhan accounts, Ayushman Bharat cards, and registration for various schemes under the mission.

In-Depth Analysis:

Pucca Houses for Vulnerable Tribes:

The allocation of Rs 540 crore for pucca houses signifies a crucial step towards addressing the housing needs of vulnerable tribal communities. The emphasis on safe and permanent housing reflects the government’s commitment to providing a dignified living environment.

Virtual Interaction with Prime Minister:

The virtual interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi adds a personal touch to the initiative. It not only showcases the government’s dedication to tribal welfare but also creates a direct link between the beneficiaries and the highest echelons of leadership.

Distribution in 100 Districts:

The decentralized approach of distributing benefits in 100 districts ensures that the impact of the scheme is felt at the grassroots level. By involving local officials, the government aims to streamline the distribution process and address specific needs of different regions.

Progress of PM-JANMAN Scheme:

The swift progress of the PM-JANMAN scheme, with projects worth over Rs 4,700 crore sanctioned within two months of its launch, indicates a proactive approach towards implementation. This efficiency is critical in addressing the immediate needs of PVTGs.

Objective and Budget of PM-JANMAN:

The comprehensive nature of the PM-JANMAN scheme, with a focus on 11 critical interventions, demonstrates a holistic approach towards tribal welfare. The substantial budget underscores the financial commitment required to bring about meaningful change in the lives of PVTGs.

Ministerial Insights:

Minister Arjun Munda’s insights highlight the meticulous planning behind the outreach efforts. The organization of over 7,000 camps to facilitate essential documentation showcases the government’s dedication to ensuring that every household in PVTG habitations benefits from the scheme.


The release of the first instalment of Rs 540 crore for pucca houses under the PM-JANMAN scheme marks a significant milestone in the government’s commitment to tribal welfare. The comprehensive approach, virtual interaction with the Prime Minister, and decentralized distribution strategy all contribute to the effectiveness of the initiative. As the scheme continues to unfold, it holds the potential to bring about transformative changes in the lives of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups across the country.

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