Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide by the Indian Cyber Agency

By manish198832 Dec 20, 2023

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-Introduction

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-In recent times, the Indian government has intensified its efforts to combat common cybercrimes, establishing dedicated websites and helplines to assist victims in reporting cyber fraud and scams. The latest alert from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) highlights the emergence of a new threat known as ‘Smishing’ or ‘SMS phishing.’ This malicious practice aims to deceive and defraud individuals through text messages, posing a significant risk to personal and financial information. In response, CERT-In has issued a warning, urging people to be vigilant and providing essential guidance on how to stay safe from smishing attacks.

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-Understanding Smishing

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-Smishing, a portmanteau of ‘SMS’ and ‘phishing,’ involves the use of persuasive text messages to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information or committing financial fraud. These scams often disguise themselves as legitimate communications from trusted sources, such as banks, well-known brands, or government agencies. The messages typically contain urgent calls to action, creating a sense of immediacy to prompt individuals to respond quickly. The fraudulent tactics may include sending malware-infected links that mimic legitimate apps or redirect users to fake websites for information gathering or malware deployment.

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-CERT-In’s Warning and Insights

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-Taking to social media, CERT-In warned the public about the dangers of smishing attacks, emphasizing the need for awareness and caution. The agency highlighted the deceptive nature of these scams, where cybercriminals exploit psychological tactics to manipulate individuals. By impersonating reputable entities, such as banks or government agencies, smishing attacks aim to create a false sense of urgency and panic, leading victims to disclose sensitive information unwittingly.

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-Steps to Stay Safe from Smishing

Protect Yourself from Smishing Attacks-CERT-In has provided a set of proactive measures to help individuals protect themselves from falling victim to smishing attacks. These guidelines include:

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links:

Never click on any suspicious links received via SMS or social media channels.
Exercise caution when interacting with posts containing links, and refrain from clicking on them unless verified.
Validate Shortened URLs:

Utilize online resources to validate shortened URLs before clicking on them. This adds an additional layer of security, ensuring that the link is not malicious.
Verify Links Before Clicking:

Always check the authenticity of a link before clicking on it. Verify the source and ensure that it is legitimate, especially if the message conveys urgency or threatens negative consequences.
Use Updated Antivirus and Antimalware Tools:

Regularly update and use reliable antivirus and antimalware tools to detect and prevent malicious activities on your device.
Immediate Contact with Institutions:

If you receive a suspicious message purportedly from a bank or institution, contact the respective entity directly to verify the communication.
Separate Email Account for Transactions:

Employ a separate email account exclusively for personal online transactions. This helps compartmentalize sensitive information and adds an extra layer of security.
Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

Enable multi-factor authentication for both emails and bank accounts to enhance security. MFA adds an extra step for verification, making it more challenging for unauthorized access.
Keep Software Updated:

Regularly update your operating system and software with the latest patches to address potential vulnerabilities and ensure optimal security.
Reporting Cyber Fraud

To streamline the reporting process for cyber fraud incidents, CERT-In provides a dedicated helpline (1930) and an official website ( Individuals are encouraged to report any suspicious activities promptly, contributing to the collective effort to combat cybercrimes effectively.


In the face of evolving cyber threats, the Indian government, through CERT-In, remains committed to safeguarding citizens from scams like smishing. By raising awareness and providing actionable steps, individuals can play an active role in fortifying their defenses against cybercriminals. Staying informed, practicing caution, and adopting security measures are crucial in the ongoing battle against cyber threats. As technology advances, so must our collective efforts to ensure a secure digital environment for all.

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