Rahul Gandhi Receives Election Commission Notice for Controversial Remarks Against PM Modi

By manish198832 Nov23,2023

Rahul Gandhi Receives Election Commission Notice


The Election Commission has taken cognizance of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s recent comments targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, issuing a notice and demanding an explanation for potential violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC). This development follows a complaint filed by the BJP against Gandhi in response to his ‘panauti’ (bad omen) and ‘jebkatra’ (pickpocket) remarks made during an election rally in Rajasthan. The Commission has set a deadline for Gandhi to respond by 6 pm on Saturday, prompting a scrutiny of the alleged violations.

Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi’s comments, made at a political rally in Rajasthan, accused Prime Minister Modi of being a ‘panauti,’ suggesting that the leader’s presence at the stadium resulted in India’s loss in the 2023 World Cup final against Australia. The BJP, in response, lodged a complaint with the Election Commission, asserting that Gandhi’s statements were not only disrespectful but also violated the Model Code of Conduct.

Notice from the Election Commission:

The Election Commission’s notice highlights the gravity of the allegations against Rahul Gandhi, describing the comparison of the Prime Minister to a ‘jaibkatra’ (pickpocket) and the use of the term ‘panauti’ as unbecoming for a senior leader of a national political party. The notice further addresses the BJP’s claims of waivers amounting to Rs 14,00,000 crores over the past nine years, challenging the factual basis of these assertions. The Commission emphasizes that such statements may constitute violations of various sections of the Model Code of Conduct.

Legal Perspective:

Additionally, the notice makes mention of Supreme Court pronouncements regarding the Model Code of Conduct and freedom of speech, emphasizing the need for political leaders to exercise caution in their language and adhere to ethical standards during election campaigns.

Rahul Gandhi’s Response:

The Congress leader has been given until 6 pm on Saturday to submit a reply to the Election Commission, providing an opportunity for him to explain his comments and present a defense.

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