Security Forces Encounter Maoists in Chhattisgarh: Two Rebels Killed, Two Jawans Injured

By manish198832 Mar 23, 2024

Security Forces Encounter Maoists

In the dense forests of Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur and Sukma districts, a clash erupted between security forces and Maoist insurgents, resulting in the death of two rebels and injuries to two jawans. The skirmish unfolded amidst a concerted anti-Naxal operation conducted by a coalition of security personnel. This encounter underscores the ongoing struggle against Naxalism in the region, highlighting both the risks faced by security forces and the persistent threat posed by insurgent groups.


The confrontation occurred around 8:30 am on a Saturday morning within the precincts of Gangaloor police station area, situated at the tri-junction of Bijapur, Dantewada, and Sukma districts. This region is known to be a stronghold for Maoist activities, making it a focal point for security operations. The joint operation, spanning across multiple districts, saw the coordinated efforts of various units including the District Reserve Guard (DRG), ‘Bastar Fighters’, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) along with its elite CoBRA unit, and a Special Task Force (STF).

According to Inspector General of Police (Bastar Range) Sundarraj P, the clash erupted when security forces were in the process of cordoning off a forest area near Pidia village. Naxalites launched a sudden attack, prompting a fierce exchange of gunfire between the two sides. The intense battle subsided with the recovery of two Maoist bodies along with weapons from the encounter site. However, the identities of the deceased insurgents remained undisclosed, indicating the ongoing nature of the search operation in the area.

Simultaneously, within the same operational ambit, tragedy struck as two jawans belonging to the Bastar Fighters sustained injuries from an improvised explosive device (IED) blast. The incident unfolded along the Dantewada-Sukma border, in a forested area near Doditumnar village. The explosive device, planted by Maoists, detonated as security personnel were in the process of securing the inter-district border. The injured jawans, identified as Vikas Kumar Karma and Rakesh Kumar Markam, both constables of Bastar Fighters-Dantewada, were promptly evacuated to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to Raipur for further medical attention.

The injuries sustained by the jawans serve as a poignant reminder of the perilous conditions under which security personnel operate in insurgency-hit regions. Despite the challenges and risks, these brave men and women continue to demonstrate unwavering resolve in their mission to combat Naxalism and restore peace to the affected areas. The prompt response and efficient evacuation procedures exemplify the commitment of authorities towards the welfare and safety of security personnel engaged in anti-insurgency operations.

In the aftermath of the encounter, security forces have intensified their efforts, conducting extensive search operations to root out any remaining insurgent presence in the region. The ongoing combing operations underscore the determination of law enforcement agencies to maintain pressure on Naxal outfits, disrupting their nefarious activities and dismantling their networks.

Chhattisgarh, particularly its remote forested regions, has been a battleground for the protracted conflict between security forces and Naxal insurgents. Despite concerted efforts by the government to address socio-economic grievances and promote development in these areas, the allure of Naxal ideology continues to attract disillusioned youth, perpetuating the cycle of violence and instability.

The encounter serves as a grim reminder of the challenges posed by Left-wing extremism and the need for a comprehensive approach encompassing both security measures and socio-economic development initiatives. In addition to the deployment of security forces, there is an imperative to address the underlying causes fuelling insurgency, including poverty, lack of access to basic amenities, and alienation from mainstream society.

Efforts to counter Naxalism must be multifaceted, encompassing not only robust law enforcement measures but also initiatives aimed at addressing socio-economic disparities and empowering local communities. This holistic approach, focusing on both security and development, is essential to eroding the support base of Naxal groups and fostering lasting peace and stability in the region.

Moreover, concerted efforts are required at the national level to coordinate intelligence sharing and strategic planning to effectively combat the Naxal menace. Inter-agency cooperation, along with enhanced training and capacity-building for security personnel, is vital to staying ahead of evolving insurgent tactics and maintaining the upper hand in the conflict.

In conclusion, the recent encounter in Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur and Sukma districts underscores the ongoing struggle against Naxalism and the sacrifices made by security forces in the line of duty. While the elimination of two Maoist insurgents represents a significant success for law enforcement agencies, the injuries sustained by two jawans serve as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with counter-insurgency operations. Moving forward, sustained efforts encompassing both security measures and socio-economic development initiatives are imperative to address the root causes of Naxalism and pave the way for lasting peace and prosperity in the affected regions.

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