“Streamlining Recognition: The Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak Unifies Four Home Minister’s Medals”

By manish198832 Feb 2, 2024

Streamlining Recognition: The Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak

Streamlining Recognition-Introduction:

Streamlining Recognition-In a significant move, the Indian government has streamlined its recognition system by merging four existing Home Minister’s medals into a single prestigious award, now known as the “Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak.” The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued a notification on Thursday, declaring the immediate merger of the Union Home Minister’s Special Operation Medal, Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation, Asadharan Aasuchana Kushalata Padak, and Union Home Minister’s Awards for Meritorious Service in Forensic Science.

Streamlining Recognition

Streamlining Recognition-Details of the Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak:

Streamlining Recognition-The newly instituted medal, Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak, is designed to honor members of various law enforcement and security agencies, including Police Forces, Security Organizations, Intelligence Wings, Branches, and Special Branches of States, Union Territories, Central Police Organizations (CPOs), Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), National Security Guard, Assam Rifles, and Forensic Science units across the Indian Union.

Streamlining Recognition-Scope of Recognition:

Streamlining Recognition-The notification outlines the areas of recognition for the Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak, emphasizing excellence in operations such as Counter-Terrorism, Border Action, Arms Control, Left-Wing Extremism, Prevention of Narcotics Smuggling, and Rescue Operations. Additionally, personnel from the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) are eligible for consideration, particularly in the area of Prevention of Narcotics Smuggling.

Design and Specifications:

According to the notification, the medal is circular in shape, made of silver gold gilt, with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. The obverse side features the symbol of “face of Sardar Patel” in the center, with “Jai Bharat” inscribed below. The reverse side showcases the Ashoka Chakra in the center, with “Satya Seva Suraksha” inscribed below and the medal’s name in Hindi and English on the upper and lower edges, respectively.

Streamlining Recognition-Recognition Criteria:

The medal is reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional performance in various fields, including the successful conduct of operations with significant implications for the security of the state, union territory, region, or country. Noteworthy contributions in areas such as counter-terrorism, border action, arms control, left-wing extremism, prevention of narcotics smuggling, and rescue operations are crucial criteria for receiving the award.

Categories of Recognition:

The notification specifies categories for recognizing outstanding contributions, encompassing investigations, intelligence services, and excellence in forensic science. Individuals engaged in combating terrorism, militancy, and insurgency, with breakthroughs in unearthing espionage modules or arresting members of such outfits, are considered. Moreover, those contributing consistently to intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination in the fight against terrorism and militancy are eligible. Meritorious work in forensic science, research and development, case examination, crime scene management, training, and awareness is also recognized.

Publication and Recordkeeping:

The names of awardees will be published in the Gazette of India, with the exception of intelligence-related recognitions. A register of awardees will be maintained in the PMA Cell, Police-I Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Medal Presentation and Bars:

Recipients of the Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak will wear the medal suspended from the left breast, with a riband featuring half blue and half red. Bars may be added to recognize additional acts of valor, and for each bar awarded, a small silver rose with gold gilt will be added to the riband when worn alone.

Withdrawal and Restoration:

The Union Home Minister holds the authority to withdraw the medal if the awardee faces dismissal, removal, major penalties, criminal charges, or engages in conduct unbecoming of an officer. However, the Union Home Minister may also restore the medal if previously forfeited.


This comprehensive restructuring of the recognition system into the Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak reflects the government’s commitment to acknowledging and honoring the exceptional contributions of individuals in various fields related to national security. The streamlined approach aims to enhance the prestige and significance of the award while ensuring that deserving individuals across different domains receive due recognition for their unwavering service to the nation. The issuance of rules by the Ministry of Home Affairs further demonstrates the government’s dedication to maintaining the integrity and purpose of these statutes.

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