Understanding the Surge: Great Analysis of Record ₹2.10 Lakh Crore GST Revenues in April 2024

By manish198832 May1,2024

Understanding the Surge

Understanding-In April 2024, the Gross Goods and Services Tax (GST) collections soared to a historic high of ₹2.10 lakh crore, marking a substantial 12.4% increase from the previous year. This remarkable surge can be attributed to several key factors, including a robust economic momentum, amplified domestic transactions, and heightened imports. Let’s delve deeper into what propelled this unprecedented growth in GST revenues.

Understanding-Economic Momentum and Transactional Surge

Understanding-The stellar performance in GST collections for April 2024 can be primarily attributed to the buoyant economic momentum witnessed during this period. With economic activities gaining traction across various sectors, businesses experienced an upswing in sales and services rendered, consequently leading to higher tax collections. The Finance Ministry’s statement highlights a notable 13.4% increase in domestic transactions, indicating a substantial surge in economic activity within the country.

Understanding=Impact of Imports

Understanding-Another significant contributing factor to the record GST revenues is the surge in imports. The data reveals an 8.3% increase in imports, which not only signifies a boost in international trade activities but also translates into higher tax revenue from customs duties and Integrated GST (IGST) levied on imported goods. The substantial contribution from imports underscores the interconnectedness of the global economy and its influence on domestic tax collections.

Understanding-Government Policies and Initiatives

Understanding-The commendable achievement of surpassing the ₹2 lakh crore mark in GST collections reflects the efficacy of various government policies and initiatives aimed at promoting tax compliance and streamlining the taxation system. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s acknowledgment of the efforts of tax officers underscores the importance of efficient tax administration in achieving revenue targets. Additionally, timely audit and scrutiny measures, coupled with enforcement actions taken by the tax department, have played a pivotal role in enhancing tax compliance and revenue generation.


Expectations for Future Reforms

The surge in GST revenues for April 2024 has not only surpassed expectations but has also fueled anticipation for the next wave of GST reforms. Tax experts opine that the robust revenue collections signify a resilient economy and robust self-compliance by businesses. This optimism paves the way for further reforms aimed at simplifying the GST structure, addressing compliance challenges, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the tax system. The government’s commitment to continuous improvement and reforms bodes well for sustaining the momentum in GST collections.

Breakdown of Collections

A detailed breakdown of the GST collections for April 2024 reveals a substantial contribution from various tax categories. The Central GST (CGST) pool amassed ₹43,846 crore, while the State GST (SGST) collection reached ₹53,538 crore. The IGST collection, including levies on imported goods, amounted to ₹99,623 crore, with an additional ₹37,826 crore collected from imported goods. The total cess collection stood at ₹13,260 crore, including ₹1,008 crore from imported goods.

Settlement and Refunds

Following the collection process, settlements were made towards CGST and SGST, with ₹50,307 crore and ₹41,600 crore respectively. Notably, there were no pending dues on account of IGST settlement to the states, as confirmed by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. After accounting for refunds, the net GST revenue for April 2024 stood at ₹1.92 lakh crore, reflecting a robust 15.5% growth compared to the corresponding period last year.


The record GST collections of ₹2.10 lakh crore in April 2024 underscore the resilience of the Indian economy and the effectiveness of government policies in driving tax compliance and revenue generation. Moving forward, sustained efforts towards simplifying the tax structure, promoting compliance, and fostering economic growth will be crucial in maintaining this upward trajectory in GST revenues.

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